A 9 month journey back to wholeness

Are you ready?

To claim your God given power & magic

Unleash the wild & wise medicine woman within

Radiate & shine your light to manifest the life of your dreams

Fall deeply in love with yourself, your body, your gifts & your life

Remember your soul essence & soul gifts

Open your channel to receive like never before

Streamline your connection with your soul & soul family

Dissolve & release blocks & limitations from this lifetime & past lifetimes that are in the way of truly shining your light & owning your gifts

Activate dormant DNA

Are you ready to expand your consciousness?

Welcome Sister

Over 9 months

This immersion will support you with;

Shifting from stagnation to soul aligned action.

Shed your ‘false’ self to reveal your pure authentic self

Come into full Heart-brain coherence to feel a sense of wholeness, unity & deep inner peace.

Enable you to stop spinning your wheels and allowing you to connect deeply with your hearts desires so you know exactly what actions to take.

Release unworthiness & lack of confidence as you take the journey of ascension, remembering your divinity.

Divorce the belief that you have to work hard to get what you want as you embody true flow states, sensual power & easily channel everything you desire in your life.

Burn the version of yourself attached to scarcity, playing small & struggle while you are celebrated in deep sacred sisterhood who sees & nurtures your bright magnetic light.

Learn how to fully embody unconditional love, divine abundance so that you can create the life you dream of.

Remove blocks in your energetic field to rewire your entire system, using various embodiment techniques, so you can feel at ease in your true divine radiant essence as you step forward in your life.

Shining brightly

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Skye J Williams

I’m Skye, Consciousness Coach and passionate advocate for respectful family relationships AND Mothers who are truly thriving. I'm here to support mothers to awaken, transform & heal. I have walked the path of awakening, through the fire of my shadows and wounds and come out the other side as a whole new version of me. With the birth of my children, came the birth of the woman that I am today.

Julia Wunder

Julia is a Health and Transformation coach, Quantum Healer and Quantum Flow practitioner.

Her mission is to help others to come back into a natural state of freedom and flow so they can live a healthy, joyful life with ease, love, purpose, pleasure, passion and fun.

Her passion and gift is to help others to create a deeper and more loving relationship with their body and soul and to find more peace love, harmony, ease and flow in their lives.

She is a gifted teacher using different embodiment practices breath work, yoga, dance, and energy work to take you on a playful journey to inner mastery and transformation so you can access your full potential, learn to trust your inner guidance and find true purpose and meaning.

Julia has been on her own personal journey of spiritual awakening as well as guiding others on their journey for over 20 years and truly embodies her teachings and activations.

Her teachings are generally light hearted, deep, intuitive playful and potent.

9 modules to completely shift your reality

Expand your

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Be guided back to a place of Heart-brain coherence to feel a sense of wholeness, unity & deep inner peace within.

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Learn how Heart-brain coherence supports you in mental clarity so that you can take aligned action with your hearts deepest desires.

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Rewire your nervous system, release muscular tension and cleanse your organs to come into alignment with your highest possible potential. Experience increased energy, vitality and enhance creativity.

This is for you if ….

You recognise that you’re here to support the healing of humanity

You know you are deeply creative & are ready to birth your creations

You know there is more to life than sleep, work, eat repeat.

You know you’re destined for more & now is the time to create it.

You are self responsible and deeply self aware and ready to lean in to your edges & re-ignite a WHOLE new version of you.

You want to FEEL more alive, more love, more pleasure & more joy

Rebirth is a 9 month initiation back to wholeness and re-memebering your divinity.

When we give to ourselves, we give to our children.

Our children and our world need activated, awakened women who shine their light and share their voice.

Together we are ready to light the way for our sisters. We are ready, awake and here to shine our light, healing ourselves and all those around us.


This program is not a quick fix. Transformation takes commitment and work on your part.

I am not here to rescue you. You are in the arena. I am here as your biggest cheerleader and to provide support from the sideline.

I am not a trained medical professional. I am a Mentor & coach in the area of life transformation. I have walked the path and fully embodied the skills that I share and teach.

A letter of thanks

Thanks Ladies... @Skye J Williams @Jules Wunder

So far in the journey I've felt a deepening sense of comfort in my heart, an expansion I haven't felt before...I attract far more abundance and love in all forms than I have before, I'm calmer and 100% more present in my daily activities.

My body is more fluid and my feelings are more receptive after each session. I love making time to be able to release the blocks before our sessions by journally, and arrive with a clear mind and a new intention, it's liberating.

My relationship with my partner has strengthened, because I've allowed myself to be joyous again, I'm 80% less defensive and 100% more relaxed, confident and fun to be with.

Lastly, I now trust that I can heal myself from any discomfort or illness in my body 100% and I have strengthed my deep knowing and belief that I am a part of consciousness it's self. I have so much peace in my heart.

Thank you both for your co-creation it's been an incredible journey so far

Melissa O. Kendall